Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spring themed pin cushion exchange

Hello every one :)

Just a quick update on the group 

We have just sorted out the partners for our first exchange of the year ... a spring themed pincushion, pattern of their own choice along with spring themed threads to be with the respective partners by the 21st of March :) 
I am looking forward to seeing the finished pincushions, photos will be popped up on here asap after they are all received.... I have just got to  finish putting mine together and it will be on its way to my partner very soon .....  I am being very organised for once heheheh..

Every one has been working hard on their UFO's and progress pictures have been going into the wet noodle award album .... there will be a closed poll at the end of September and the winner will be announced in October :)

Personally I think they are a wee bit scared of me and the noodle hence why they have been working so hard on them heheheh ;0.... that's why I am not entering any of mine to make it fairer for everyone else ... 

We have encouraged people to try working on linen and they have enjoyed it very much as well as getting people more organised with their stash and discovering "new bits" they had forgotten about and not to mention the enabling lots of new charts, threads and fabric :)

Hope everyone is managing to get some stitchy time in .... 
till next time
love mouse xxxx

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  1. Scared - me? Nonsense, w-w-what ever m-m-makes you think that?