Friday, 7 January 2011

Welcome to the Friendly Stitchers blog

Welcome to the Friendly Stitchers blog ..... we want to show off our members' beautiful work to the blogging world and to also let people know about our group  which has members from all corners of the world, as well as all levels of stitching ability. Amongst the group we have some great designers too!

Come and join us as we begin a new year of stitching challenges and opportunities!  We have some great things planned for our members and are looking forward to meeting you! 

Our very first offering is a beatifully stitched and finished hussif by one of our American stitchers, Karen (Blog: ).  This was designed by Abi Gurden, a former member of our group.

folded over 
Stitched by Karen 

personalized by Karen

Talking of designers ... Val one of our Mods and a long standing designer here for us , has just announced a monthly SAL which she has designed to encourage us to use different types of stitches in our work .She has done this in the form of a traditional sampler of stitches in a nice manageable size, those of us who have seen the preview are quite sure that this is going to be very popular in fact we can't wait to get started :)

Happy stitching love mouse xxxxx


  1. Love it - the things you lot get up to when I'm at IKEA, lol!

  2. Really Lovely... I will enjoy stitching that one !!

  3. Looks wonderful Karen and you have some amazing work on your blog. x

  4. Such creative work!!!