Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Belle of the ball :)

Hi every one :) we have all been very busy over at the Friendly Stitchers group with lots of stitching , exchanges and drinking tea and eating waffles (mind you it could also be talking a load of waffle too hehehe)
The reason for the title is we have been following Melissa's progress of Mirabilla's Cinderella and she finally finished it the other week .... well we couldn't let this  pass with out showing it on here for all to see as well as stages of the stitching ....
so I shall let the pictures do the talking for a change hehehehhe 
at the start of the journey

getting nearer 

Finally finished and looking the belle of the ball

Once she has been finished finished I am sure that Melissa will let you all see her again :)
take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxxx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

We're back and with two beauties!

Well, where were we?  Not sure, busy stitching, exchanging, chatting...... so much so that we forgot to update this 'here blog!!  But things will improve and you will get to see all the gorgeous pieces that the Friendly Stitchers have been working on since we've been away!

First up are these two stunners from Meg who blogs at Committed Stitcher.

Oriental Courage

Sweet Flowers

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas and a Merry Stitching New Year

Hi Every one :)
The mods would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a very stitchy New Year ..... we are looking forward to the coming year with lots of things in the pipe line .. including a lovely band sampler designed by Mouse and some Biscobuds which are being designed by Val.....

This year we are celebrating our 10th year as a small but very successful,chatty and extremely friendly and enabling ;) stitchers' group :)

The photo is a design which was freely given to the members of the Friendly Stitchers for this Christmas  by Mouse .... who also stitched and finished this version off ... other stitched  versions can be seen on the main group :)
Designed and stitched by Mouse
Happy Christmas to you all and may the stash fairies be good to you :)
Ally , Mouse, Gillie , Karen and Val 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Midsummer stitch and show competition

in third place Gillies pincshion
Hi Every one :) over on the group we had a Midsummer stitch and show competition where you had to  stitch  and finish off and the show to the group from some little designs I had designed  :) there was three to chose from and I left it to every one to choose their own fabric and threads and the way the item was finished :)

The group then voted and here are the winners :) Drum roll please :) .......
first place winner  Elaine's ort bag 

in fourth place .. Heathers biscornu :) 
in third place Gillies pincushion :0
In second place Mouse's pincushion
in second place Mouse's pincushion and scissor fob
and in first place is Elaine's ort bag :)

The winners will all receive a small prize and this will be posted off to them asap :)

The competition was  great fun and we shall have another one hopefully soon :)

The next exchange we are doing is the Summer Sensations biscornu exchange that was voted for by the members as our next exchange :) 
I am looking forward to seeing who my partner is :)

Until next time take care and happy stitching :)
in fourth place heathers biscornu
love mouse xxxxx

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Spring themed pin cushion exchange

Hello every one :)

Just a quick update on the group 

We have just sorted out the partners for our first exchange of the year ... a spring themed pincushion, pattern of their own choice along with spring themed threads to be with the respective partners by the 21st of March :) 
I am looking forward to seeing the finished pincushions, photos will be popped up on here asap after they are all received.... I have just got to  finish putting mine together and it will be on its way to my partner very soon .....  I am being very organised for once heheheh..

Every one has been working hard on their UFO's and progress pictures have been going into the wet noodle award album .... there will be a closed poll at the end of September and the winner will be announced in October :)

Personally I think they are a wee bit scared of me and the noodle hence why they have been working so hard on them heheheh ;0.... that's why I am not entering any of mine to make it fairer for everyone else ... 

We have encouraged people to try working on linen and they have enjoyed it very much as well as getting people more organised with their stash and discovering "new bits" they had forgotten about and not to mention the enabling lots of new charts, threads and fabric :)

Hope everyone is managing to get some stitchy time in .... 
till next time
love mouse xxxx

Friday, 7 January 2011

Welcome to the Friendly Stitchers blog

Welcome to the Friendly Stitchers blog ..... we want to show off our members' beautiful work to the blogging world and to also let people know about our group  which has members from all corners of the world, as well as all levels of stitching ability. Amongst the group we have some great designers too!

Come and join us as we begin a new year of stitching challenges and opportunities!  We have some great things planned for our members and are looking forward to meeting you! 

Our very first offering is a beatifully stitched and finished hussif by one of our American stitchers, Karen (Blog: ).  This was designed by Abi Gurden, a former member of our group.

folded over 
Stitched by Karen 

personalized by Karen

Talking of designers ... Val one of our Mods and a long standing designer here for us , has just announced a monthly SAL which she has designed to encourage us to use different types of stitches in our work .She has done this in the form of a traditional sampler of stitches in a nice manageable size, those of us who have seen the preview are quite sure that this is going to be very popular in fact we can't wait to get started :)

Happy stitching love mouse xxxxx